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Unvarnished People Rating Website

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Unvarnished People Rating Website – Well it is no doubt that when an owner like Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist puts his personal opinion in on a site like the upcoming “Unvarnished Website” people tend to value his opinion. He’s the owner of one of the biggest websites on the internet and recently he left a few trusted comments leaving optimistic views on Unvarnished. It’s hard to imagine that he could see a site like Unvarnished truly becoming a nationally recognized website. His personal take on the website is undoubtedly valued though.

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Unvarnished is a website that provides you the ability to review and make posts on peoples character. In other words, you are reviewing people in the world so that others can see how you feel about them. Similar to how you would review a car service, a restaurant, now we are reviewing people. This could be anything you do on a daily basis. Your job experience and how you work in a team, what kind of strengths and weaknesses you carry and bring to the table, anything about personality as well. One thing we have discovered is that you cannot remove comments either. If someone leaves a viscous assaulting reply, it is left there. What the owner wants to create is a type of recommendation form for employers and managers to look at when they hire someone or are looking for a business partner. Creating a reputation management tool is the outcome he is looking for. We currently have Facebook and Twitter where anyone can come to your page and see what type of person you are by the comments you make, the people you talk to, and everything else. Not to mention that if you say the wrong thing, people are sure to see it and treat you differently. All of this is done from your own point of view, now you will have the ability to see the true feelings that people have about others.

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