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Verizon Customers U.S. Data Breach

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Another victim of the Epsilon security breach has come forward to warn it’s customers that their email addresses were exposed by the hackers.

Verizon Communications finally informed their customers of the penetration that is a result of the hacker attack on Epsilon that services dozens of companies and dozens of colleges and other institutions.

Epsilon’s security got breached and Verizon was feared to have been a victim but today’s declaration from the country’s largest mobile telephone company verified the rumors.

Now it’s time for authorities and regulators to step up to the plate and get to the bottom of this historic breach and find out if Epsilon is telling the truth when they say that only email addresses were compromised.

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We’ve all seen such incidents in the past where a company’s security got compromised and tried to quell the public’s fears only to find out through further investigation that far more damage has been done.

Customers need to keep an eye out for any strange emails especially from secondary market scammers who might take advantage of the breach to glean further data from the vulnerable public with phisher scams telling customers to update their data or download information to correct a problem. It’s best to go to your company’s main website and get the data.

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