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Verizon Down: Outage In Some States

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A service outage was reported by Verizon on Monday and spokesperson Melanie Ortel informed the Huffington Post that there was indeed an outage but that the problem was resolved around 3:50 pm Monday.

The Post reports that she said the issue dealt with Hampton Roads and the surrounding area.

The subscribers in Virginia and North Carolina were out of service and it was Twitter that was swamped with reports of the outage. WTKR reported on the problem and kept customers up to date during the problem.

At the time the spokesperson for Verizon assured customers and the press that the problem was being addressed and would provide information as soon as it became available which is what Verizon did in reporting it to the Post.

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This outage could prove problematic for the company as it soon is supposed to be offering iPhone service in a few weeks.
Quick to pounce on the outage issue is rival company AT&T who has expressed, along with others, that Verizon may have bitten off more than it can chew.

Customers will have to gauge whether Verizon’s service is worthy and whether the company responded efficiently to the outage and to what damage, if any, the outage caused to businesses and customer’s general well being. With it’s expansion into the iPhone market, critics and customers will be watching closely and if Verizon wants the business they’ll need to provide the service and communication their customers’ need.

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