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Verizon iPad Release Date

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Verizon iPad Release Date – With the Verizon iPhone deal reportedly in place, one has to wonder what is next for the mobile giant and Apple. Could the iPad be the next thing to come to Verizon? Apparently, yes. Verizon announced that it will soon start selling the Apple iPad tablet computers at more than 2,000 outlets across the nation. The Verizon iPad will not run on the Verizon 3G network at this time. They instead will run on Verizon’s MiFi mobile hotspot modem. The modem is able to turn cell phone signals into Wi-Fi for use with the iPad.

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The price point will be $629.99 for the 16 GB iPad with MiFi, and the 32 GB version will only be one hundred dollars more. The 64 GB iPad will cost a hefty $829.99 and will also come with MiFi. The monthly pricing plans will start at $20 per month and will allow you to transfer 1 GB of data. They will also offer models that will work on a stand-alone basis, according to a statement that was released by the company today.

The news comes during a time in the tabloid market when many companies are scrambling to secure deals. With Apple moving quickly to secure Verizon, they will be able to take a further stranglehold on the market. In coming months we will also see the BlackBerry PlayBook, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
It will be interesting to see how the release of these other tablets affects iPad sales. With Verizon firmly in place, Apple is attempting to pre-empt the plans of both BlackBerry and Samsung.

Verizon iPad release date is Thursday October 28th 2010.

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