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Verizon Wireless Apple iPhone Maker

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Verizon Wireless Apple iPhone Maker – Apple has long been rumored to be considering an expansion of their iPhone to networks other than AT&T. This speculation has increased with the mounting complaints regarding the network and dropped calls. The rumors appeared to have grown legs in recent months, with the normally secretive Apple being very open about their plans to eventually move the iPhone to a number of different networks.

Some experts have raised questions regarding the Verizon network. Although at this point the company is considered to be better than AT&T’s, it is not certain that the iPhone would not bog down their servers as well.

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The move would also significantly increase the sales of the phone for Apple. By only keeping the phone on one network, only individuals who use that network are able to acquire the phone. By adding Verizon into the mix, iPhone sales would explode. If anything, it is surprising that they did not make this move sooner, given the popularity of the product. However, it is good to see that they are thoroughly testing the idea before just throwing it out there and hoping it succeeds.

Most experts have estimated that we will see the iPhone on Verizon during the first quarter of next year. It will be interesting to see if the same complaints that AT&T has received plague the Verizon launch of the iPhone as well.

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