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Vitaly Borker Online Thug

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A Brooklyn, NY man named Vitaly Borker is apologizing for his actions online as he’s plead guilty to wire fraud, mail fraud, and two counts of sending threatening communications.

Borker owned a sunglasses website that sold the products to people online. When people would complain about the products and services he would then send out threatening emails to them in hopes the feedback would boost his Google search engine rankings.

This worked but then when Google got complaints from customers the tide turned against Borker and he then found himself sitting in jail and is now awaiting sentencing of up to six years for his idiocy.

Borker is a prime example of how the web can be used by criminals to engage in all sorts of activities that tax the resources of the public.

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He has been apologizing for his antics but he’s still probably going to have some long court battles ahead if any of his victims intend to sue him further for the threats that ranged from minor to major intrusions.

Luckily the police were spot on in apprehending him and the courts swift to put justice at hand.

His lawyer is expecting a sentence of no more than 18 months but that’s going to be up to the judge in September when he’s sentenced.

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