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Wachovia Online Banking Login Fixed

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Wachovia Online Banking Login Fixed – It seems that many people on Twitter are posting that they are completely unable to access their Wachovia online banking account. Hundreds of people logged on to report that throughout the last few hours Wachovia has been inaccessible. People are saying that their accounts are not able to be logged into. Frustrated Twitter users are complaining about Wachovia’s failure to address the issue as well. It seems that they haven’t made an issue to fix the problem yet at all. Here are a few of the posts that we found on Twitter today.

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Why is Wachovia’s website down?? Always tryin to play wit my paper…
Kay Washovia soo yall gone play with me today? Y cant I view my account right now?
Am having serious problems with #watchovia online banking today
Wahcovia online banking having issues today on payday. I hope they’re not hacked…
is the #wachovia website down or something? Gotta check my spending and I can’t log in, #crap
No further Tweets have mentioned that Wachovia is doing anything to resolve the issue of all of these people who are experiencing problems with the website. Without Wachovia making any comment on the matter, it is hard to say that there is a solution coming soon or that the problem is not going to be serious. Hopefully Wachovia will have it correctly shortly, surely by the end of the day so that people can access their accounts.

Update: As of 3.12 PM PST Friday ,the problem was fixed and customers can use the website safely.

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