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WalMart iPhone 3GS

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WalMart iPhone 3GS – The largest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart, will begin offering the Apple iPhone 3GS at a price of $97, according to recent reports. They will not be releasing an iPhone that has been re-branded for their store, but instead will be offering the phone at a bargain price. According to a number of representatives within the company, the Wal-Mart phone will be available for less than $100, which is a huge deal from the current retail price of $199. This comes in light of more news surfacing regarding the release of the iPhone 4G, which will likely drive down the price of the previous versions of iPhones.

Along with the cheap phone, you will also need to purchase a 2 year voice and data plan from AT&T. The company has received a number of complaints regarding their recent customer service issues, but will likely help the phone to continue its dominant streak in the market.
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Why would they allow Wal-Mart to sell the phone? Maybe Apple is shifting their focus from the older versions of the phone to their upcoming release. Their phone will likely make the older versions of the phone look old fashioned.
The iPhone 4G has shown up on a number of tech websites, who have dismantled the phone and looked at the components. The 4G will present a significant upgrade over the 3GS. One of the most notable improvements, is the front facing camera on the iPhone. This will allow for users to engage in video chat through their iPhone’s. This feature had previously been thought of as something that we would reserve for many years down the road, but does appear to be a possibility.

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