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Wells Fargo Rewards Website Down

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Wells Fargo Rewards Website Down – The website for Wells-Fargo rewards has been experiencing problems throughout the day. The program offers cardholders a selection of options to redeem points for their spending. They make it easy to gain rewards through spending on their credit cards.

Business owners have found it especially helpful to help them pick up extra supplies, but a number of users have reported that the site has not been allowing them to login throughout the day. Some users reported that the screen actually went blank when they tried to login, while others have reported that they received an error.

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The company has released a statement saying that they are working on the issue and hope to have it operating smoothly once again by the end of the day. This has also kept potential customers from being able to sign up for new credit cards, which has likely aggravating stockholders and executives at the company.

The site is located at They allow bank card and credit card holders who are enrolled in their program to redeem their awards easily via their website. The customer’s inability to redeem their rewards has upset many throughout the day, and the company has scrambled to make their website operational once again.

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