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What Happened To WorldStarHipHop? Back

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Super rap star, actor, producer 50 Cent is once again in a controversy regarding a domain name seizure called and later posted about the action on Twitter.

It was then rumored that 50 Cent had the domain seized after reporting it to the Department of Homeland Security and/or the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agencies.

He then reportedly retracted his statements via Twitter and issued a statement regarding the manner.

It was the website’s CEO and owner who reportedly called radio station Hot 97 stating the downtime of the website on a server outage and other technical issues.

The website and the rap star apparently had conflicts before when the latter filed a copyright infringement suit against the site. 50 Cent reportedly says it was due to a likeness dispute that brought about the lawsuit.
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It appears that has raised the hackles of several other sites and has been pointed out for taking videos from other sites and incorporating them into their own.

That is why the two federal departments were called in, however as of the point of this story from neither organization can be confirmed as having participated in this issue. is back up and running.

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