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White iPhone 4 Late 2010 Release

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White iPhone 4 Late 2010 Release – Apple says white iPhone 4’s will be released later in the year, but some individuals are not willing to wait for it to release. A new site, titled sells a kit that lets iPhone 4 owners turn their black iPhone into a white one. The modifications are relatively simple but do void the warranty of the phone.

It requires the user to take the iPhone apart, which is something that is excluded in the warranty. The web site offers individuals two different kits. The cheapest kit, which is priced at $135 is just the back panel, and the $299 kit includes that panel, along with all of the other pieces of the phone including the front panel, a retina display, a home button, and all of the other buttons on the front frame.

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The site is offering free shipping to individuals in the US who would like to modify their iPhone and make it white instead of black. They are also doing international shipments for $31.64, which may seem a bit high.
Apple recently announced that they had manufacturing problems with the white iPhone’s and that is why they were forced to delay the release to later in the year.
So, for individuals that cannot wait for the release of the white iPhone, you can now purchase a conversion kit from, and do it yourself at home. Keep in mind that it does void the warranty, as you will have to take your iPhone apart to complete the modification.

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