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WikiLeaks Website DOWN

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The WikiLeaks website recently lost its domain provider that was based in the U.S, and as a result they have moved their hosting services to Switzerland where they will be able to stay up and running. The company announced that they had officially moved to Switzerland on their Twitter page on Friday. which was there U.S provider said that they were forced to drop them as a client because of the fact that they were violating terms of use as well as being the subject of multiple cyber attacks which were affecting their systems.

Because of the number of denial of service attacks, the domain hosting service ultimately decided to cut ties with WikiLeaks. A spokesperson for EveryDNS said that cutting ties with the website was necessary to stop the attacks which were having a significant impact on the very infrastructure of the hosting site.
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Julian Assange who runs the site has received heavy criticism from the U.S government for revealing a number of secrets involving the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Assange is on Interpol’s listed of wanted persons that they are interested in him for an unrelated sexual assault charge involving a girl in Sweden. Although Assange has denied the validity of the charge, Interpol is still interested in detaining him.

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