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Wikipedia Remains Ad-Free: $16M Donations

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Just two weeks from the ten year anniversary of the Wikimedia Foundation, they have claimed to have raised $16 million for their website, Wikipedia, to keep it up and running. On the main site there is an image of Jimmy Wales, the founder of the site, and a “personal appeal” from him to those who visit.
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Wales says that in order to keep the page free of ads, it needs lots of funding and so far they have done a pretty good job of raising the money that they need to stay running without the use of any ads or sponsors.

The Wikimedia Foundation is a non-profit organization which has received donations from thousands of people.

The average donation from those who gave money to Wikipedia was just over $20. In his post Wales stated that the fundraiser was a success and it did what he hoped it would, which is to bring people together for a common purpose.

His “personal appeal” which could be seen on the main site of Wikipedia seemed to do the trick when it came to getting people to reach into their wallets and bank accounts to give a little bit to keep the site running without ads.

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