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Windows 7 Phone: Samsung Focus Handset

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Windows 7 Phone: Samsung Focus Handset – The Samsung Focus Handset will become the first Windows 7 phone, according reports that were released today. The operating system has received a lot of attention since the company first announced it, and is supposed to be a huge upgrade from the previous versions of the Windows Phone operating system. It will be the first phone to utilize the Windows Phone 7 operating system, and will serve as a bit of a test run for the company.

According to Microsoft, the Samsung Focus will have the best looking screen of any phone that will be launching with the software. It is a lightweight handset that is mostly used for business purposes. The Windows Phone operating system put a lot of stock in snatching up the business world users, and the phone will have a number of features that are specifically geared toward business.
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The phone will be exclusively available from Rogers, and will be on sale in the United States starting on November 8th. A plethora of other countries will receive the phone shortly after its US release. You can expect the phone to start hitting shelves in Canada by the end of November.
It will cost $199.99 when you sign up for an agreement with Rogers. There has been no official word on the pricing of the phone, but Steve Conn, the Microsoft product manager, made the announcement during a joint event with AT&T.

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