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Windows Phone 7 First Video Ad: The Revolution

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Windows Phone 7 First Video Ad: The Revolution – Windows Phone 7 is knocking at our door, and a recent ad for the product has described it as a “revolution.” Although that seems to be a bit much as far as descriptions go, many in the tech community are excited to see what Microsoft has in store.

They have long been trying to break into the mobile OS market and by most expert accounts; they have failed miserably. Some have said that they believe that iOS was the revolution that everyone was looking for, and that Windows is too late and has missed the boat.

The ad keeps things simple, and is only being released online at this point. The commercial is expected to be the first of many, as rumors have been swirling that Microsoft is prepared to throw millions of dollars into advertising the new operating system when it is finally released.

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It will be hard to compete with the alternatives that have been released by Apple and Google. They seem to already have a firm grasp on the market, but Microsoft has been developing their platform for a long time with making a splash in mind. They have already announced that they will be excluding copy and pasting and multitasking, which are features that have already been added to Google and Apple’s operating system after complaints were issued by customers.

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