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Windows Phone 7 New Browser

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Windows Phone 7 New Browser – Microsoft shocked many fans and experts when they announced that the browser utilized in their newest Windows Phone 7 software would not be Internet Explorer. This news was especially surprising, given the fact that they have been advertising and releasing statements on their upgrade for the browser over the course of recent weeks. The new browser, which at this time has not been named publicly, will be able to be previewed during the release of the newest version of Internet Explorer, version nine.

The browser will reportedly be exclusive to mobile devices, and Microsoft is not looking to release a second browser, or to re-brand their current browser solution, Internet explorer. Microsoft has stated that the browser that is currently being developed will be a “vast improvement” over the previous browsers that have come included with their mobile operating system, aptly named Windows Phone. Windows Phone and their included browser package have long been criticized by the media for the speed and efficiency of the programs. Many feel that the browser does not allow the user to browse the web at the same speed that other browsers allow them to.
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Windows Phone 7 is scheduled for a fall release, and it is then that consumers can expect to see their new browser. It has been reported that various elements and code from previous versions of Internet Explorer were used in the creation of the new browser, but that the browser will be a unique and original addition to Windows Mobile phones. It is unclear at this time if they will be debuting the new browser at any of the various shows that are scheduled over the course of the next few weeks. Microsoft is keeping quiet, for the most part about the features that will be included in Windows Phone 7 and any of the included software packages.

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