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Windows Phone 7 Sales

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The Windows Phone 7 was officially launched on November 8th, becoming available to the public after a long period of anticipation from consumers all over. This new mobile phone release comes after a somewhat crippling loss that Microsoft suffered in the mobile phone market.

Their hope is that they will be able to quickly recover from it with the launch of the Windows Phone 7. Those who wish to purchase the phone can do so for $200 with a two year contract. This release comes at the same time as T-Mobile’s HTC HD7 phone which comes at the exact same price and also included a data plan.

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According to reports, Microsoft is experiencing a good financial turnout from consumers around the world, washing away their fears that the long hiatus from mobile phones would damage their reputation permanently with consumers; however it seemed to have the exact opposite effect.

Their new phone which recently launched has been anticipated for quite some time now and is selling extremely well on a global level. Those who are in charge of financial operations for Microsoft said that they expect sales to stay at more or less the same level they have been recently.

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