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Windows Phone 7 SDK Release Date

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Windows Phone 7 SDK Release Date – Developers working on applications for the new Windows Phone 7 are currently using a beta tools version for creating applications for the new phone platform.

The new Windows Phone 7 is due to be released in October for the EU, November for the US, and will be competing with the iPhone, which has so many applications for just about any and every want and need. Phone applications are big business now days, as everyone wants to personalize their mobile phone experience.

The final developer tools will be released and shipped on the 15th of September, and submissions for applications will be accepted by Marketplace early October.

The OS will have two new features supported by the updated SDK, which are the “panoramas,” the sideways-panning mechanism for building the OS’s hubs; and “pivots,” the building block for showing filtered views of data, seen in the e-mail client.

So far, the beta developer tools have been downloaded 300,000 times, which shows there is keen interested from those wanting to develop applications for the phone.
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Windows knows that it’s online store, Marketplace, needs to be packed with quality applications for it’s for phone it’s launch which is expected around mid to late October, so the keen interest from developers is a good sign.

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