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Windows Phone 7 Series 2010 Launch

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Windows Phone 7 Series 2010 Launch – It appears as if later this year, Microsoft will be releasing phones that feature the Windows 7 operating system. This comes to the relief of many who were not too pleased with the performance of previous Windows phones. Some had reported that the phones were not nearly as fast as many at Microsoft had claimed, and that the phones were prone to being bogged down when too much data was loaded onto the phone. It was not immediately clear when the phones with the new operating system would first become available, but Microsoft did confirm that the phones would be ready this year, and not next year as many had speculated. It was not clear which phones and other mobile devices would use the operating system, but it is speculated that along with the new operating system Microsoft will have to roll out updates for their older phones to help the old operating systems for the devices communicate with the operating systems of the new phones.

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Some of the phones that have been rumored to be using the operating system include the Samsung HTC, which is a phone that has received quite a bit of praise from experts in recent weeks. A number of websites have released rumors about several other phones switching to the Windows Phone 7 Series operating system, but representatives from the companies have yet to confirm whether the rumors are true or false.
Representatives for Microsoft have yet to speculate on when the release date for the new operating system would be, saying only that users can expect that it will be released “sometime this year.” Most experts have been speculating that the new operating system will more than likely become available in the fourth quarter of 2010.

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