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Windows Phone 7 – Tethering Unavailable

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Windows Phone 7 – Tethering Unavailable – Much to the dismay of fans of the upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices, the new smartphone operating system, users will not be able to use the service for tethering. News earlier in the week had stated that the phones would allow tethering depending on the operator, but now it appears that those rumors were not true.

Microsoft announced today that Windows Phone 7 devices will not allow tethering at all. Tethering normally allows the user to connect their phones to a computer in order to access the internet through a cellular network.

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This will put the OS at a disadvantage to other services that have allowed tethering in recent months. It is a feature that has been present in Europe for many phones for quite some time but is just now making its way to the United States.
Apple did not initially allow tethering with their iPhone either, but have since changed their stance and have started to allow tethering for a small monthly fee. A number of phones that will be running the new Windows Phone 7 were expected to allow tethering, and the news that they will not should disappoint many fans of the devices.
You would think that the company would want to jump all over the newest trends as they try to re-establish themselves in the mobile marketplace, but it appears that they have chosen to forego tethering in order to focus on a number of other issues and features.

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