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Wisconsin Unemployment:Unemployment Wisconsin Weekly Claim

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Wisconsin Unemployment:Unemployment Wisconsin Weekly Claim – The US Labor Department has reported a recent increase of 25% in unemployment claims. Wisconsin has seen their unemployment numbers fall, but that state has said that they have seen 32,000 jobs added throughout the course of the year. Those that are on unemployment have dealt with an increasingly difficult situation, one that has left many waiting for their unemployment benefits, or waiting for checks.

The complaints regarding unemployment distribution are widespread throughout the state. Many have reported that they feel as if they are being placed on the backburner, or are having a hard time finding ways to actually receive their money. Residents who are attempting to receive unemployment go through an interviewing process that could take several weeks to obtain. This leaves many citizens in the dark without income for that period of time.
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“There are cases where there might be disputes, or there might be questions and we have to follow the law. So on some of those cases it might take longer, because we have to investigate them,” said one official in the department.
The state is encouraging people to share their concerns, and asks that they report any problems that they have with the way that the system is working now. The goal here is to eliminate cases in which people fall through the cracks in the system as much as possible.

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