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Women Active On Facebook Need Attention: Study

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There’s an old saying about vanity and women but this story takes the cake as it states that a recent study says that women who post lots of pictures of themselves on Facebook are conveying strong personal characteristics and are more likely to fortify their self-worth on superficial appearance using social networking as a means to compete for attention.

Michael A. Stefanone an assistant professor of communications at the University of Buffalo was the lead author of the study. He and his team studied 311 men and women average in age of 23.

Judging the amount of time these subjects spent online managing their profiles and other such activities like the number of photos they shared, online network sizes, promiscuity all gathered from a questionnaire.

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The study showed the women who were more attentive to their looks had the largest social networks and posted more photos than others. This has the researchers figuring that when posting lots of photos in the company of others “may serve to communicate the importance of particular relationships because these bonds may provide security regarding ones appearance and self worth.”

Sure to rub nerves raw, the study also suggests that people who based their self worth on issues such as academic competence, family love, family support, and being virtuous or moral didn’t spend as much time online and displayed less interest in getting attention through the social media networks.

The study was published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

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