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Woot: Looking for Discounts? Check

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Woot: Looking for Discounts? Check – Woot is a popular American Internet retailer that is based in the Dallas suburb of Carrolton, Texas. It was originally founded by electronic wholesaler Matt Rutledge in 2004, and has continued to grow since that time. The main website offers one discounted product each day, and the product is usually a piece of computer hardware or some other electronic gadget. Other sites have been spawned after the success of Woot that provide a similar service. Some of the spinoff sites revolve around different types of products including children’s products.

The sales model follows their tagline, “One Day, One Deal.” Every day a new deal is posted and a discounted item is sold on their website. Originally, this was done to allow the company to get rid of some of their back stock in a quick and timely fashion. Today, the site receives a lot of traffic and they are continually adding items that are not in their back stock. Products are never announced beforehand, and the idea is that you have to visit their website to see what the deal of the day is.

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The company pioneered the one deal per day business model, and continues to be a leader in the industry. Many web-based retailers have copied the model since Woot found success. Customers may buy up to three of the items that are sold on the website, and you can often find the items for sale for a considerable amount more on eBay the day after they appear on Woot. It is a unique style of ecommerce site that has taken off in recent years.

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