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*Sponsored Links* Now Working – Abbot Laboratories, the company that makes the recently recalled infant nutritional powder, Similac, has had a tough time dealing with the response to their most recent recall. Some of their internal testing found that some of their product may contain parts of beetles as well as a number of other bug parts. Quickly, customers flooded the company’s phone lines and website looking for information on what to do with the recalled product.

Eventually, the company had to place an automated message on their phone lines when it became clear that they could not handle the large number of calls that they were receiving. They recalled about 5 million products in total due to contamination.

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Along with the automated message that was placed on their phone lines, the company also had a problem keeping their website open to help them spread information. The huge number of people attempting to access the website made it virtually impossible to get on. Some visitors said that they received an error when they tried to log on, while others have said that nothing loads on the page.

It is clear that the company did not expect the response they received when they announced the recall. They had worked with the FDA, who said that the products do not present an immediate health risk to those who purchased them, and that the recall is for quality purposes only. It will be interesting to see if other formula powders see an upturn after this very public recall of 5 million Similac products.

Similac recall lot numbers are below:

(847) 935-8865
61251 RB6
84314 RB
85454 T2
86580 T20

Update: seems to be working as of now.

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