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XpressBet – XpressBet is a U.S. based account wagering provider that has been able to offer pari-mutel wagering on thoroughbred horses and other horse racing events. They also will allow you to wager on harness and quarter horse racing events. You can place your wagers either online or on the telephone. The service was first launched by Magna Entertainment in 2002, and has always remained in their headquarters in Washington, PA.

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Xpressbet is a top of the line service that allows you to place wagers on a number of horses from the comfort of your own home. They have an innovative system that makes it easy and intuitive when placing your wager. The wagers are electronically delivered, so you can always be sure that your bet was received in time for the race.
They also provide a wealth of other information on the horses that will be racing, allowing you to make the bet that you want to make. Included on the site are a number of different blogs that provide insight on the upcoming races. Their analysis is second to none, and they have really made themselves a one stop shop for wagering on horses online.

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