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Yahoo Real-Time Search Debuts

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It’s another facelift for Yahoo Inc as the company has revamped its search engine service to detect queries and show off answers from movie listings to weather forecasts in a way that if users type in one word they’ll get responses.

This new search service is called Search Direct and displays the answers to queries in a pop up box which changes during real time as the user proceeds with typing in a query.

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It is in direct competition with Google’s “Google Instant” which will display possible search answers as the searcher continues to type in queries and keywords.

This new step also reflects the outsourcing of the back end web indexing duties to Microsoft Corp in a 10 year deal that Yahoo and Microsoft struck in 2009. Even though Yahoo saved hundreds of millions of dollars in the deal with Microsoft it didn’t help the overall net revenue which has been dropping by 4 percent year after year.

Web surfers will surely test out the new search service but Yahoo fails in that their developers overlook that people go to Google because it’s simple.

No blasting ads and pop ups and confusing layout much like how MySpace loses out to Facebook because MySpace is so confusing and complicated while Facebook has a simple design and is surfer and newbie friendly.

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