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Yahoo Shares Down

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Yahoo Shares Down – Despite their recent deal with Microsoft, shares for Yahoo have been falling. They took a huge fall on Tuesday as the revenue growth for the quarter fell short of most expectations of Wall Street. Their second quarter profit rose a total of 51 percent over the course of the ear to 213 million. Though they continue to grow as a company, and continue to become more profitable, they still did not meet the experts’ expectations.
Yahoo’s slow growth has some industry insiders worried about the future of the company. Google already has control of the space, and continues to strengthen their stranglehold on the market, despite the fact that they have lost a number of very talented individuals to companies like Facebook and Zynga.

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Shares for Yahoo dropped 6.25 percent, and now stand at $14.25 per share. The company had been seeing an upward trend before the market closed, and the fall did not occur until after the market had shut down for the day.
Yahoo hoped that their third quarter revenue growth would increase to as much as 1.65 billion dollars. That would be an amazing step forward for the company, and definitely is a very gracious outlook, given their situation.
Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz downplayed the falling stock, and said that she was pleased with the direction that the company is headed. She said that Yahoo continues to grow and gain market share in the search industry, but still did not meet expectations.

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