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YouTube Now More Popular Than Yahoo

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YouTube Now More Popular Than Yahoo – YouTube has officially become the third most visited website on the web, passing by Yahoo, who once occupied the spot, according to ranking site Alexa.

Everyone wants an amazing Alexa rating…it is one of the signs that something is really happening with your site. The higher your rating goes, the more exposure you can be ensured, and the more traffic you are getting. It doesn’t necessarily mean it is the ultimate decision maker, but it is a good indication of where you stand.

The only thing I find interesting about this story is the fact that YouTube has remained behind for so long. The media sharing site has become a staple of Internet life, from informational videos, to news clips, to stupid vlog posts from 14-year-old scene kids who think they have an interesting opinion. And where else could we get so many viral videos?

With YouTube expanding over the years to include more legitimate content, such as what is provided by VEVO and various record companies, and even clips from television networks that allow viewers to catch up on shows, it is amazing that they have remained behind Yahoo for so long, popular search engine or not.
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After all, Google is a giant that far surpasses Yahoo, and if we are basing it on email there is still a gap between their service and email. With the company failing to really decide what they are and where they stand, it is no wonder they are falling behind.

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