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Zabasearch: Fake Innovation – Online Search Tool ZabaSearch

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Zabasearch: Fake Innovation – Online Search Tool ZabaSearch – I have been seeing a lot of media stories talking about Zabasearch, a search tool that allows you to sift through public access information and records from government agencies, and gain it for a small fee. In these reports, the shocking nature of this service has been sensationalized to death, which just shows what the media will latch onto.

The truth is, this kind of thing was already readily available. There are plenty of sites that will do a full background check of anyone for a small fee. The white and yellow pages are already online, as well as dozens of other number services which will show any phone number not listed as private.

The information given through Zabasearch is all from government agencies, which means it was public domain to begin with. You can find more using Pipl or even Google about a person’s private life, so I fail to see what is so shocking. Especially since many people put more information than you could find on Zaba in their own social networking profiles.

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A few months ago I read an interesting article from a woman working for CNN. She decided to choose someone at random and to see what she could pick up about their life using nothing but the information floating around his personal profiles.

Using Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and friend’s profiles, she was able to piece together his entire personal life, from where and when he was born, to what he liked, to his life with his fiance.
As far as Zabasearch is concerned, it is just more of the same.

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