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ZooGue iPad Smart Case Getting Popular

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ZooGue iPad Smart Case Getting Popular – As with every i-Product released by Apple, there’s a whole bunch of accessories available for the iPad, with one of the better ones being the ZooGue Smart Case, which retails at $50.

What the ZooGue Smart Case is, is a, well, it’s a smart case that’s well designed, functional and quite handy to own.

On the product’s website is an infomercial style advertisement, where the smart case seems as impressive as the ShamWow does, only the smart case isn’t aimed at housewife, but as the inner geek in all of us.

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What it is, if a leather folio style case designed to house your iPad and protect it.
While in the case, you are able to use the iPad easily, without having to remove it from the case each time you want to do anything with it. Also, one of the reasons why this is a smart case, is because of it’s ability to also act as a stand for your iPad, making it much easier to use, and making the case quite versatile.

Apple products are known for their multiple functions, so the ZooGue Smart Case definitely fits the bill. It’s a case and a stand, making life that much easier for iPad users.

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